Potential Manufacturing Partner in Turkey

Potential Manufacturing Partner in Turkey

How do You Evaluate a Potential Manufacturing Partner?

Are you currently searching for a new Potential Manufacturing Partner supplier

Imagine that you’re looking at factories in Turkey, and you start out with a miles-long list of candidates.

You look into their capabilities, licenses, pricing, and other considerations

You pare it down to a few top candidates and request samples so you can judge the quality of their work.

One manufacturer, in particular, produces a magnificent sample.

So, if the price and qualifications are right and the sample is excellent, is it now time to place your first order?

Before you do, you should probably conduct a factory audit.
In a factory audit, a quality assurance specialist travels to the manufacturing facility to assess it based on pre-set criteria.

They examine the supplier’s quality control systems and processes and produce a report.
Potential Manufacturing Partner

The audit report presents a clear snapshot so that you can make a final decision and understand if the supplier has any weaknesses you should be aware of.

Potential Manufacturing Partner in Turkey

Factory Audit Checklist article, which includes a free checklist download.
This checklist can give you ideas on how to conduct your own audit or provide an inside look at what QA/QC service providers like aec can do for you.

Local Country Expertise

With manufacturing on such a global scale, it is not always possible to have a team on the ground in the country where your suppliers are located.

Subcontracting quality assurance ensures you are handing over to a team that has direct local in-country expertise.

This covers an understanding of local regulations and speaking the local language. The third-party expert can thus communicate

effectively with the supplier, understand critical documentation, and appreciate the local culture and cultural differences to the buyer’s home country.

Using Turkey as an example sourcing location, it is important to be able to read simplified Turkish so as not to miss critical information on documentation.

Having a local person on the ground in Turkey also ensures there is no communication gap.

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