AEC Inspection (AEC) Company was founded in 2014.

Headquartered in Istanbul, we have established a network of operation offices in mainland Turkey. For facilitate quality control services throughout the country.

As an Istanbul-based inspection service company, we possess both the knowledge of Western business requirements and Turkish industrial expertise.

Our profound experience and knowledge in quality control have earned us the reputation of being a reliable inspection service provider,

And subsequently benefited us in establishing good business relationships with companies

from all around the world, from multi-national cooperators to growing importers.

AEC offers inspection, auditing, testing and quality consultancy for a wide range of consumer products, from textile, construction material, furniture, auto accessories,  toys, and hard goods, metal works, glass, aluminium, pergolas etc.

Supported by rich knowledge and experience in the field and benefiting from specialist and global network, the AEC organization is dedicated to helping

our customers meet the Quality, Safety and Ethical Standards of their locations in the world to support their successes in the global marketplace.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intentions, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

From its inception the mission of AEC has been the cornerstone of our existence and development.

A worthwhile firm must have a purpose, not only earning a deserved profit but contributing to its community.

Here at AEC INSPECTION, we hope that through our inspection services, through every defect we find and correct, by our day-to-day reliability,

fairness and hard work, we can attract the attention of manufacturers, buyers and sellers of quality products, and make “MADE IN TURKEY” mean “THE BEST IN TURKEY”.

We constantly strive to realise this vision and endeavour to serve our customers, our community, and one another, to the best of our ability.