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AEC offers inspection, auditing, testing, and quality consultancy for a wide range of consumer products, from textile, construction material, furniture, auto accessories, toys, and hard goods, metal works, glass, aluminum, pergolas, etc.
the AEC organization is dedicated to helping our customers meet the Quality, Safety, and Ethical Standards of their locations in the world to support their successes in the global marketplace.
A worthwhile firm must have a purpose, not only earning a deserved profit but contributing to its community.
Here at AEC INSPECTION, we hope that through our inspection services, through every defect we find and correct, by our day-to-day reliability,

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Buy Big Bag Solutions from Turkey

For reliable storage of your raw materials or goods, purchase a Big Bag at the AEC INSPECTION  We have years of experience in the sector, enabling us to offer you the best quality at highly competitive prices.

The application of a Big Bag brings many advantages. The system has a strong construction, lightweight design, and considerable load-bearing capacity.

By AEC INSPECTION, you can buy a Big Bag from Turkey for any application. We supply bags for industry and construction, the food industry, plus the chemical industry.

You will also

 find handy Big Bag carriages in our assortm

ent, allowing you to transport your chosen bags with ease. Order your Big Bag online and we’ll arrange a quick and convenient delivery.


Buy Big Bags as Standard

At the AEC, you’ll benefit from competitive prices if you choose one of our standard Big Bags. We offer solutions in various versions. Choose from models that are coated, uncoated or ventilated. You’ll also find models with plastic inner pockets. You can purchase Big Bags for the storage of products like:


 Wood products

 Agricultural products

 Coffee beans

 Cocoa beans

 Sand, gravel, earth and potting soil



 Feed products


 Recycles products, including plastics

Consideration for the environment is central to us, which is why we offer a range of used Big Bags for sale. Request a quote today and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.

Big Bag Buying Possibilities

If you want to buy a Big Bag from Turkey, the possibilities for these innovative storage systems are incredibly diverse.

In addition to a first-rate range of Big Bags and containers, we provide a premium selection of accessories.

With our handy Big Bag containers, you can stack bags nearly on top of one another.

Ideal if you’re looking for an easy way to save space. We also offer a range of useful net bags for products within the food industry, including root vegetables like potatoes and onions.

The mesh structure of these netted bags provides a breathable environment for stored contents. We can also personalise your Big Bags with your logo or brand image, helping you establish more of a corporate identity and increase brand awareness.

Keen to learn more about Big Bag products and their possibilities? It’s high time you get in touch with one of our friendly sales team. We’re ready and waiting to respond to all your questions and queries.


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