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Nuts and what you need to know!

Nuts and what you need to know!
Nuts are one of the foods we consume frequently in our daily life. We do not know much about nuts.

Generally, hearsay information is conveyed. Because it is one of the fun food types, it is not paid much attention. However, types of nuts are very beneficial for health when consumed correctly.

First of all, it is useful to underline this. Nuts are not medicine. In any disease, it is necessary to benefit from medical science and to act according to the guidance of doctors.

The articles about the benefits of dried fruits are predicted statements based on the nutritional values ​​of the types of nuts. It is just as wrong to say “dried nuts are harmful” if it is wrong to say “nuts treat any disease”. There are some prejudices in society about nuts in general. The most prominent of these is the expression “dried nuts gain weight”.

Do nuts make you gain weight?

As it is known, too much of each food is harmful and causes weight gain. There is such a misconception as nuts have high-calorie values. Nuts do not gain weight when consumed in a controlled manner. Rather, it is recommended on diet lists to stop you from gaining weight. It is worth mentioning again. Provided that they consume in a controlled manner …

What should be considered when buying nuts?

When buying nuts, you should be careful to buy from reliable places. If there is no daily consumption, it should be purchased in sealed vacuum packages.

Fresh dried nuts can be stored for a long time when packaged under proper and hygienic conditions. Nitrogen gas is mostly used in the packaging of nuts.

How should nuts be stored?

As mentioned above, nuts packages should be preferred in vacuumed packages and packages with the capability to be closed.

Packages should not be holes and should not get air. You can store it in cool environments that will not be exposed to sunlight. Storing in the refrigerator is an effective solution.

Do nuts make cholesterol?

Nuts are high in fat and energy. However, since it is vegetable oil, direct consumption does not cause cholesterol. Of course, as we said at the beginning, it should be consumed in sufficient quantities in a controlled manner.

What Are The Most Preferred Types Of Nuts?

There is no exact statistics on this topic. However, it is possible to say a few, based on our observations and our own statistics. Of course, it is also important what time of the year we are.

For example, the beginning of the summer months is the months when weddings and henna nights are common. During these months, mixed nuts called henna cookies are frequently preferred. On the other hand, when we look at the whole year, we can sort it as the kernel, cashew, almond, and hazelnut.

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