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AEC offers inspection, auditing, testing, and quality consultancy for a wide range of consumer products, from textile, construction material, furniture, auto accessories, toys, and hard goods, metal works, glass, aluminum, pergolas, etc.
the AEC organization is dedicated to helping our customers meet the Quality, Safety, and Ethical Standards of their locations in the world to support their successes in the global marketplace.
A worthwhile firm must have a purpose, not only earning a deserved profit but contributing to its community.
Here at AEC INSPECTION, we hope that through our inspection services, through every defect we find and correct, by our day-to-day reliability,

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Property Services in Turkey by AEC Inspection

Property Services in Turkey by AEC Inspection

Are you buying a property for the first time in Turkey?

Property Services in Turkey We all want a beautiful and affordable apartment, but unfortunately due to the lack of transparency in the real estate sector in general it is very difficult to choose the right deal!

Because we at AEC Real Estate are aware of this and care about you, we have brought the best real estate experts here to help you in making the right decision to buy or sell and suitable investment, as your assigned professional real estate consultant will provide the most appropriate advice for you and answer all your questions about commercial real estate, home purchase, land, leasing,

Ownership law, lease contracts, investment in Turkey or other countries, in addition to ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, all in safe and thoughtful ways to guarantee you real estate ownership free of any problems!

Through direct chat via our website, e-mail, all social media platforms, or through direct contact, our team is ready all the time to serve you and answer all your inquiries!

Why Choose AEC Real Estate for online real estate advice?

We have the highest rating of guaranteed and reliable real estate offers through the best and safest Turkish construction companies

Providing more than 200 real estate projects and more than 857,000+ consulting for our clients during the year!
The average experience of our real estate consultants is 8 years, which means that you will get real estate advice from the experts themselves and ensure that you get the correct answers with the utmost transparency!

Privacy and safety for our customers are one of our priorities, so we care not to share any information about our customers during the whole process, and we also provide communication channels with the highest standards of privacy and reliability for that!

Property Services in Turkey

What are you waiting for! Just click on “Get info“ or “Live WhatsApp“ to communicate directly with our real estate experts and guide you through the right decisions towards choosing the best properties.

Property management is the most important thing after buying a property in a foreign country. Many investors who are considering entering the Turkish real estate market. Are unsure of how to proceed, some of them are taking the approach to. Investing individually, but the others find the process hard and not secure. So instead of that, they are choosing to partner with a specialized. Real estate investment management company that offers important advantages over individual work. Property Services in Turkey

Real estate investment management can provide investors with access to markets that they find. Difficult to find or enter, provide high-quality management and distinctive advic. And provide joint investment options to facilitate new investors in what companies with. Full experience do. A high return on investments can guarantee it by starting with. The right property management!

Here are some of what AEC Real Estate.

Offers to clients in real estate management:

After finishing the project, we will provide our investors with the most appropriate support. Through our investment management services by reselling or renting your properties. If you wish, and we will give you the most profitable offers for high ROI.

We will not only provide the appropriate tenant for your properties. But we will follow up on all related matters on your behalf. And we are sufficient to keep you fully informed of that.

In addition, we have some projects that provide our investors with a rental guarantee or. Sale guarantee immediately after purchasing the property.

We will direct you to the best and most favourable offers that suit your budget. And bring you the best profits.Property Services in Turkey

There are many options that we use to serve our clients in AEC Real Estate. One of which, for example, is the concept of hotel apartments, which is now. Widespread in new projects, especially in Istanbul.

After purchasing your property through AEC Real Estate, our services will not only stop here. But we will start providing you with the best after-sales services. Here are some of them:

We provide our customers with a full range of after-sales. Services once a decision is made to purchase a property through. Us without any additional fees

We will support our clients by extracting the necessary tax number for every foreigner. Who intends to buy a property in Turkey

Open a bank account

Help with the application of residence permit in Property Services in Turkey.

Procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship through our company’s lawyer specializing in citizenship matters. Buying furniture and home decor from the best companies at the best prices guaranteed.

Follow up on monthly payments and instalments and provide you with periodic account statements. In order to stay in touch and ensure that your money has reached. The developer’s bank account and give bank receipts.

Submit regularly updated photos and videos of the project during the construction. Process and ensure that the project is fully prepared

If you are authorized to obtain the Title Deed of your property, we will be. Happy to provide you with the best support and we will stay with. You step by step and prepare any required papers that will be required for that.

If you want to resell or lease your property, we also help you. To do so as soon as possible through our specialized team. To ensure that your property is managed properly

You can also contact us at any time and for any matter regarding your property. That you will buy through us. We provide our clients with a wide range of legal support services through our specialized team of experienced. Property Services in Turkey

Turkish lawyers with long experience in dealing with all aspects of real estate transactions.

Our team will provide you

Our team will provide you with legal advice that ensures that you move forward on a legal basis that guarantees your rights in every step. For example, when you buy a property in Turkey, you must extract the Title Deed and other routine procedures related to it, so we advise you to go to the notary to issue a power of attorney that allows us to follow the procedures for you.

We at AEC Real Estate dedicate a full legal team to your real estate. Transactions to satisfy all matters related to real estate ownership, residency, or obtaining. Turkish citizenship and support during all stages of the legal procedures without any additional. Fees and to fully guarantee your rights.

We also help you meet all your other legal needs or services such as:

1. Consultation for Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate in Turkey
2. Follow-up on matters of title deed and related legal matters
3. Prepare the sales contracts of projects under construction and related matters
4. Resolve real estate disputes through mediation or legal procedures
 5. Legal advice about companies in Turkey
6. Formation of companies in Turkey
7. Establishing branches of an existing company outside Turkey
8. Prepare special agreements for shareholders
9. Heredity and related issues

For any other details or information needed, please do not hesitate to contact us through our direct email:

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