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AEC offers inspection, auditing, testing, and quality consultancy for a wide range of consumer products, from textile, construction material, furniture, auto accessories, toys, and hard goods, metal works, glass, aluminum, pergolas, etc.
the AEC organization is dedicated to helping our customers meet the Quality, Safety, and Ethical Standards of their locations in the world to support their successes in the global marketplace.
A worthwhile firm must have a purpose, not only earning a deserved profit but contributing to its community.
Here at AEC INSPECTION, we hope that through our inspection services, through every defect we find and correct, by our day-to-day reliability,

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Quality Control Services in Turkey

Quality Control Services in Turkey


In Turkey, AEC INSPECTION provides nationwide coverage via experienced quality engineers stationed across the country. Our coverage includes cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Gaziantep, Bursa, Edirne, Ankara, Konya, and many more.

Turkey is a convenient manufacturing hub for many international buyers due to its central geographical location between Europe and Asia while being cost-effective as well for various product categories.

The country’s exports include cars and automotive parts, jewelry, machinery, and electronics as well as soft goods such as textiles, garments, and fashion accessories. With regards to the latter, local manufacturers are catering to many major international brands and retailers.

AEC INSPECTION has been present in Turkey for over two decades, providing comprehensive and value-added consulting services and quality control solutions. Through expansion

n and enhanced coverage over the years as a third-party inspection company, we have been able to strengthen our client’s supply chains via supplier verifications, factory audits, product inspections, and supplier development services.

Our experienced team of quality engineers is available nationwide. Whether it’s product inspections or testing services, auditing suppliers against the client or international standards, or aiding vendors via corrective action; our team of experts can assist in solving quality-related issues with little notice and is at your service where and when you need it.

Our team of engineers is stationed in various production hubs and deals with the following product categories in Turkey:

Softlines: textiles, apparel/garments and footwear, fashion accessories and luxury goods such as handbags and belts, etc.

Hardlines: kitchenware and appliances, jewelry, toys, furniture, medical equipment and devices, electronics and computer parts, electrical equipment, construction tools, etc.

Industrial: electric transformers, plastics, rubbers, pumps, electric heaters, electric conductors, air pumps, die-casted, and other mechanical parts, etc.

Automotive: car parts such as bolts, springs, seats and brakes, accessories, batteries, engines, and components, electronic & electrical components,

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