This home inspection service will help you get to know exactly what you’re getting with your new house. We’ll inspect all visible and readily accessible components of the home, including:


Lot Drainage /Roof / Plumbing / Electrical / Built-In Appliances / Heating and Air Conditioning

Windows and Doors / Garage Door Operators

We Help You Before and After the Inspection

We make scheduling an inspection appointment easy, and you’ll also be able to ask as many questions as needed after you review your inspection report.

Get your inspection report within 24 hours

Services available for sellers as well as buyers

Clients are welcome to join us on inspection day

Feel free to call with any questions about your report

Our inspectors take regular continuing education courses to enhance their skills and knowledge

We have the experience needed to inspect everything from brand new construction to historical homes

As general contractors, we have built several 1-2 story office buildings and large warehouses, as well as manufacturing facilities. This provides us with the expertise to inspect these type buildings as well

For most situations, there will be two inspectors on every inspection

Benefits of Real estate Home Inspection Services:

Buyer’s ease – Whether the property is old or new, our professional home inspectors will help provide a secure comfort that the home is ready to live in.

Better Sales – If the home is priced closer to its value, it can improve the chances to sell.

Saves time on Negotiation – If the defects are already reflected in the sales price, it leaves less room for negotiating.

Lesser Buyer’s Remorse – Even the best home builders can make a mistake, and this is where our real estate inspections help. We help the buyers eliminate their future regrets, by disclosing items in need of repair.