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AEC offers inspection, auditing, testing, and quality consultancy for a wide range of consumer products, from textile, construction material, furniture, auto accessories, toys, and hard goods, metal works, glass, aluminum, pergolas, etc.
the AEC organization is dedicated to helping our customers meet the Quality, Safety, and Ethical Standards of their locations in the world to support their successes in the global marketplace.
A worthwhile firm must have a purpose, not only earning a deserved profit but contributing to its community.
Here at AEC INSPECTION, we hope that through our inspection services, through every defect we find and correct, by our day-to-day reliability,

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While choosing carpets for your place

While choosing carpets for your place

Can carpets be customized?

custom rug choosing carpet undoubtedly are considered beautiful flooring decorations. Pieces that enrich the floor with different designs and colors. No matter, whether you are choosing a traditional or modern carpet. For flooring, they can make your home charming but the carpet must be chosen.

According to the style of the room. While choosing carpets for your place, you must take this process with good care. Because choosing a carpet in a hurry without proper information. Can not provide you with many benefits. There are many advantages to carpets in every home or office. Besides decorating the floor, carpets increase the comfort of the room. And also increase the warmth of the room.

If it comes to custom-made carpets, custom-made carpets are more effective than ordinary ones. Carpets because you can make these carpets according to the style. Which do you want in your room? costum rug choosing carpet

Benefits of Custom-Made Carpets

Fits Anywhere

Custom-made carpets can get in any shape or size. If your room is large or small or narrow, then do not need it. To worry because you can get these carpets according to the size of the room easily. Now, you do not have to wander here and there for carpets that can fit in your room.

Contact with professional carpet designer, and they will take the size. Of the area where you have to place a carpet and he will make them for you.

Selection of Fiber

costum rug choosing carpet The selection of fiber is very important at the time of purchasing carpets. It is a fiber that makes a carpet strong. If you purchase carpets from the market, it is not assured. That it is really made up of those fibers, which you want. In customization, you can select the fiber for the carpet. From natural fiber and synthetic fiber, as you want. Each fiber has its own specification and uses.

Designs and logos

Designs and logos are the main assets of the carpet. That makes the carpet alluring and eye-catching. If the design of the carpet is unique then it will give more attraction. To the floor and if the design is boring then. It can not make the floor impressive.

So in customization you can create your own logos and designs in carpets. You can also give a different touch to the room by adding creative designs and logos on carpets.

Custom Rugs Are Our Specialty

Do you need a certain rug size or shape in your design and colors? We offer custom rugs and custom shapes. To best fit your room – round, oval, runners, octagon, cut corners, etc.

“AEC Carpet.” – A well-known name in the field of elegant handmade. Custom rugs with its own manufacturing setup. We have a long list of satisfied customers and feel proud. To have high-end designers and architects in our list of customers from around the world. Costum rug choosing carpet

We have been making fine Rugs and Kilims for the last 28 years. At carpet co, we excel in rug manufacturing from concept development to production. Of a single rug or a very large hospitality project. Our projects include hotels, luxury residences, high-end apartments, yachts, and club. Pubs, lobbies, casinos, and commercial premises.

All carpet co-bespoke rugs are produced with the finest quality yarn. And their special double luster wash technology makes the carpets more soft & silky. You can order your own size, shape, design and colors to make your special rug.

Which we offer to make in a very short period. With us, you can effortlessly create and order a wonderful piece of rug. Of your own design, size, color, and texture. Each rug is unique, and beautiful and will add charm to your space.

We work with some of the world’s most renowned interior designers. And architects apart from general customers who need rugs for their homes. When they send their design or give ideas of their design.

Size, shape, and colors, our designers prepare the designs with several options. And present the final design to the customer for approval.

Our designers have earned stellar appreciation from global customers. And the customers are happy to have their vision realized at an optimum level – that too effortlessly. Costum rug choosing carpet

Our designers work with clients including renowned international designers. Who knows best about the current trends for designs, colors, and patterns? Some of the designs from the such collaboration are shown here:


Based on the weaving technique, there is  5 distinct rug construction. Hand-Knotted, Tufted, Handloom, Flatweave, and Shags.  Each of the construction differs in cost, production time, and suitability. Of the design in that construction.

When you give the design,  our expert designers would advise you on which rug construction. Will be most suitable for your design.    Once the rug construction is decided,  you can decide the material. In which you would like to get made your rug.  The options are wool, silk, viscose, jute, etc.   Following are the detailed specification of the rug constructions:

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